Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cow attack...carry always a bottle with you

Here in Greece wherever you are going you will see some of those pretty watercourses welcoming you to the villages and towns.
Do not dring the water haha... the water by it self is crystal clean but after i saw that i dont wanna have any more contact...i just wish i will never have to dring it.....haha 

Btw cute cow....

Inspiration "Palios Panteleimonas""

This December i visit with some friends an old town here in Greece called Palios Panteleimonas. I had visited in the past but without my camera.Super -2C if i remember right but the scenery was just breathtaking!!! Small details all over the old town make unique that place just remember next time to visit summer hehe.
Take a look and get inspired ...maybe for a future visit!i totally suggest it...

Inspiration "Mask tattoos""

We are so close to february and all over the world people celebrate carnival so i had the idea of mask tattoos and here are some that i found online....

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Inspiration "Cards tattoos"

Ok this is a great collection of tattoos..... you can make magic with that theme....
just get inspired

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Inspiration "heart tattoos"

Heart tattoos can be small can be huge but always are so cuteee...
When it comes to popular designs, the heart design is popular and one of the most well known symbols in the world. Throughout the years, the heart has been portrayed around the world and is one of the most symbolic designs ever known. Hearts have been represented in 4th century cultures and in modern day. When it comes to the heart tattoo, sailors were some of the first people to embrace the design.

Inspiration "Pirate ships tattoos"

This time i got inspired from pirates and their ships....

Thats the meaning i found about it in wiki...

A pirate ship tattoo symbolizes someone's life. The fact that they traveled through rough sea's (times), struggled along the way, but they have made it in life despite everything they had to go through.
Side note;
A pirate ship is also the symbol of a free spirit.
well first off the flag means will never surrender without a fight behind ships ware mostly adorned by criminals or sailors in the old days the idea behind the criminals ship means that he stands outside of the law and will do what ever it takes to get by a kind or pirate mentality the tattoo also represents a nomadic type of person a person that does not fit into society's norms an outcast of sorts
so in short it means that the person wants to lead a life of freedom against all adversity and will pummel anything that gets in his or her way.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Inspiration "Lego tattoos"

Tattoos from that category need a lot of courage to do...Logos brands icons etc are tattoos for people with passion for those!
Not so sure if i could ever do it....still here a re some great lego tattoos i found online
Hot or Not?