Friday, November 30, 2012

Interview from Tattoo artist "Domantas Parvainis"

Domantas Parvainis

Baby Dragon: what would you like everyone reading this interview to know about you?(who are you,where we can find you)?
Domantas Parvainis:I'm Domantas Parvainis, from Šiauliai, Lithuania. I work in Totemas tattoo
BD: how long have you been tattooing?
DP:Around 3 years. Since 2010
BD: What is your favorite style of work?
DP:Realism, Surrealism.

BD:What did your family and friends think about you getting into the tattoo business?
DP:My family were a little bit skeptical in the very beginning, but soon enough they became happy for me.
BD:What would you say is your favorite part of the job?
DP:Giving my best and having fun.

BD: What is your favorite piece you own?
DP:All of my tattoos are my favorite, because they remind me of certain things and time.
BD: Is there a part of the body you won't Tattoo and why?
DP:Depends on a client and situation, but I don't know, hard to tell this swift:)
BD: Describe your ideal tattoo client. Ever had the pleasure of tattooing a client like this?
DP:Perfect client is a person who knows what he/she wants, but yet let me to interpretate and process the idea through my prism of perception. There is plenty of people like that, I wish everybody would aim for a tattoo, that is not a piece of jewelry, but peace of art.
BD: Are there any artists out there you’d like to be tattooed by, space and time permitting of course?
DP:Sure, there is plenty.
BD: Do you think it is important to do as many conventions and shows as possible?
DP: Sure thing, visiting and participating in conventions widens your mind and inspires you. Also, making new connections and friendships is always a good thing, so you don‘t stop.
BD: What would you recommend to someone wishing to get into the tattoo business?
DP:Try to enjoy it for real reasons and work a lot.

I wanna thank Domantas Parvainis for this interview!!!

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